User Tries to Opt Out of PayPal Robo Call Policy

PayPal released this statement on June 5, 2015 claiming that users could contact PayPal and opt out of receiving robocalls:

When I called PayPal, however, their response was much different.

And although I was a PayPal account holder since 2002, I cancelled all my PayPal accounts.

It was reported that the FCC had to get involved, which finally convinced PayPal’s legal team to capitulate:

Yet they still refuse to take full responsibility:

Too little, too late. I will not be using PayPal again. I would encourage others to do the same.

Say no to corporate arrogance. Say no to PayPal.

PayPal(Washington Post) Federal regulators are warning PayPal over a corporate policy that lets the company contact customers with automated text messages and robo-calls or marketing.

In a letter to the online payment firm, the Federal Communications Commission said that PayPal is subject to federal guidelines protecting consumers from unwanted calls and text messages — and that its policy risks running afoul of those rules. For every violation, the FCC could levy a $16,000 fine.

The latest version of PayPal’s user policy, which goes into effect July 1, “raise[s] serious concerns for the Enforcement Bureau,” the FCC wrote. “PayPal’s amended User Agreement does not give consumers notice of their right to refuse … calls that require consumer consent.”

PayPal’s policy on robo-calling sparked an uproar last week when it rolled out. The company’s user agreement automatically opts customers into receiving the calls and text messages, but does not appear to give consumers a way to opt out other than to leave the service. A PayPal blog post later clarified that the firm has “no intention of harassing you” and that consumers can opt out of the calls by writing to customer support.

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