180 Day Dispute Buyer Returns cause Sellers to leave eBay for other Venues!

180 day dispute

180 Day dispute Policy will cause PayPal users to run from eBay. Sellers are getting six month old charge-backs from fraudulent buyers. PayPal doesn’t care about the sellers at all when they create policies that are made to defraud sellers through it’s Dispute Resolution process. I mean where is the protection. PayPal now uses a 180 day Dispute Policy where it allows the buyer to come back in 179 days and file a charge back on the item he bought from you on eBay. Not even regular credit card companies like Chase or Visa have these policies so do you think these policies are made to generate fraudulent earnings out of sellers? Isn’t there a better way to be a clean responsible and honest Pay Gate?

180 Day Dispute Will Cripple Honest Sellers

Please check your PayPal account for policy updates because you may get conflicting information from Google as to how this policy will effect you. Some sellers claim that because they know how the policies work at both eBay and PayPal they will for sure take advantage of this window by buying an item from a seller, then listing it on eBay and in six months if it hasn’t sold, they will just send it back to the seller getting the money back from Charging back the Funds for a Complete Refund. Would this be considered “Product Rental”? Is eBay and PayPal insured for this type of behavior? PayPal and eBay are not licensed Pawn Shops, nor are they “Brokers” of money laundering. This type of operation could be considered just that!

Don J Arlington TX:

As far as these charge backs though, i’ve came across quite a number. All ruled in my favor. Didn’t provide much but a nice explanation what the buyer is trying to do (scam) and provided tracking. This has solved it for me 99% of the times.

Terry B Canton MI:

This is literally paypal’s way of telling sellers to go f- themselves. So many things can go wrong during a 6 month window due to buyer’s negligence, and it’s not a common practice for them to make excuses and blame it on the seller months after they’ve been using the item. I definitely don’t think I want to sell using Paypal anymore.

Kim T Clearwater FL:

This is going to be great for flippers. Imagine buying something and then putting it up for sale with a markup for 5 months and being able to return it if it doesn’t sell.

Pay Pal and EBAY stealing from Thousands

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