180 Day Dispute Buyer Returns cause Sellers to leave eBay for other Venues!

180 Day dispute Policy will cause PayPal users to run from eBay. Sellers are getting six month old charge-backs from fraudulent buyers. PayPal doesn’t care about the sellers at all when they create policies that are made to defraud sellers through it’s Dispute Resolution process. I mean where is the… Read more »

PayPal Allows Chargeback Fraud On Twitch Gamers By Freezing Their Money!

Some of you who play video games may be familiar with the website www.twitch.tv well back in May I received three donations to my live stream channel from the same person totaling $100. Then three months later the person charges them back one by one. I disputed this because he… Read more »

User Tries to Opt Out of PayPal Robo Call Policy

PayPal released this statement on June 5, 2015 claiming that users could contact PayPal and opt out of receiving robocalls: https://stories.paypal-corp.com/home/an-update-on-how-we-contact-you When I called PayPal, however, their response was much different. And although I was a PayPal account holder since 2002, I cancelled all my PayPal accounts. It was reported… Read more »