User Tries to Opt Out of PayPal Robo Call Privacy Policy
PayPal released this statement on June 5, 2015 claiming that users could contact PayPal and opt out of receiving robocalls: [...]
PayPal Not a Trusted Pay Gate Anymore
This is disgusting practice by Paypal, I thought they were a reputable company, but it seems “holding on to your money” to generate interest is [...]
Rakesh Agrawal Paypal Executive Twitter Rant
Rakesh Agrawal an executive at PayPal sent out inappropriate Twitter Rant Messages to PayPal communications vice president Christina Smedley while drunk. [...]
ClearXChange More Safer and Secure Than PayPal
ClearXchange (CXC) is the first network in the U.S. created by and for financial institutions that lets customers send person-to-person (P2P) payments [...]
Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes Ebay Trust Safety Risk
On any given day of the week at 321 Pine St Haworth NJ 07641 you can find Joseph DeMarco YouTube cyberstalker, trust safety risk and bully Crazeenydriver [...]
crazeenydriver joseph demarco ebay motors news
Crazeenydriver Joseph DeMarco of eBay Motors Makes National News Crazeenydriver Joseph DeMarco eBay Motors Top Rated Seller scammer Hubcapjoes AKA [...]
A Paypal Agent Offered Me A Loan
By: organicsoul1 I’m a new seller and so far, in my first month, I have made $600 dollars. I recently lost my job and am trying to find [...]
Paypal requiring physical address to send Paypal Mastercard
By: texaspast I received this e-mail, which I believe to be legitimately from PayPal: Dear [my full name was here] Your PayPal Debit MasterCard® Business [...]
Feds Say PayPal Is Not a Bank
In an advisory letter sent last month to PayPal concerning its use of customers’ funds, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said it does not [...]
Paypal Requesting Social Security Number
By: tekwyzrd They have no right to demand your SSN. PayPal is not a bank, it is a money transfer agent. Would you give your SSN to Western Union? They are [...]
Ebay and Paypal doesn’t Have Any Seller Protection
By: gizmo789567 Not only is the FB system totally unfair to sellers, but buyers have learned to circumvent the system by going direct to PP & having [...]
Paypal’s useless guidelines to getting your funds instantly
By: runt8906 Paypal’s useless guidelines to getting your funds instantly Just wanted to post my dissatisfaction with Paypal’s guidelines to [...]
Paypal doesn’t check out the entire story before account limitation
Paypal doesn’t check out the entire story before account limitation By: angelicbarb I am a new seller on ebay. Paypal has totally limited access to [...]
I told PayPal to shove their spending limits
By: magnumquick I told PayPal to Shove their spending limits Well, as of today I have closed my PayPal account due to the spending limit. I refuse to give [...]
10,000 Paypal Buyer Protection Limits
By: cronwilson 10,000 Paypal Buyer Protection Limits I seem to be among several others who have reached that magic 10,000 limit.  I also refuse to give my [...]
Paypal stole my money through the buyer protection policy
By: foglar Paypal stole my money through the buyer protection policy. No sorry no nothing I’m a seller and a buyer 100% on both always having viewed [...]
Closing your PayPal account could take a while
By: yankeefan1959 I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with PayPal’s customer service, trying to close my PayPal account. I’ve tried [...]
Paypal and buyer scammed me out of $2700 despite having ALL evidence
By: afraaz3 I recently sold a brand new macbook pro retina 2013 model with all my licenses and software worth well over $5k total. The buyer said he worked [...]
Paypal and Ebay buyer scammed me despite having evidence
By: afraaz3 Paypal and Ebay buyer scammed me despite having evidence I recently sold a brand new macbook pro retina 2013 model with all my licenses and [...]
I Will Be Closing My Paypal Account
By: dlcooper99 Reached spending limit after 8 years or so and now they want a bank account # in order to verify me, despite the fact that there has never [...]
Send A Letter To The California State Attorney General’s Office About Paypal
I sent a letter today to the California State Attorney Generals office Kamala D. Harris regarding Paypal Inc. I urge all of those that have been shut down [...]
Ebay Paypal Money Laundering OUR MONEY
By: jdbiz I have a rating on ebay of 4521. I have sold on ebay now 11 years.  Last month I sold 277 items and had two neg. feedbacks left from buyers that [...]
Money taken from credit card after a refund, paid final value fee
By: dkguy2011 Hello, I’m not really good at explaining situations, so bare with me. So this week, Ebay took money from my credit card to give money [...]
New Paypal Debit Mastercard Email & New Identity Activation Process
By: auctionfreakk “In a few weeks you’ll be receiving your new PayPal Business Debit MasterCard. Once you receive your card, it’s [...]
Charlatans and Liars
By: allusia2010 So I sold an item (my first in a while, I’ll admit), buyer paid same day and item was shipped Monday morning. Tracking number was [...]